Songlines - Apii Warukara

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Songlines - Apii Warukara

This painting is called “Apii Warukara” which means “Songlines” in the Kalkadoon language.

Songlines or Dreaming tracks have been a part of Kalkadoon tradition for over 60,000 years with a person able to navigate many miles across the lands by continually singing a sacred song and following the tracks of creator beings that walked and flew during the dreamtime.

From the beginning of time the Kalkadoon people have sung their sacred songs to the land to keep it alive and well, let all who read this story know that Kalkadoon history and culture is timeless and as old as time itself.

By Chern’ee Sutton

Age – 20 years.

Size – 183cm wide x 121cm high

Medium – 3D Acrylic and raised acrylic on canvas

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