Dreamtime Story of the Duck Mole

Dreamtime Story of the Duck Mole

Rantani Kalu

This story is called "Rantani Kalu" which means in the Kalkadoon language "Duck mole".

Long, long ago the animals of Australia were created by the creation spirit who put all the pieces of the animals together. When the creation spirit had finished his work he sat back and admired all the beauty he had created in the animals and while looking at his work he thought to make one more animal that would be very different from all of the others. This new animal would need to be treated as an equal but he would make it very different to show the animals they had to be accepting of one another no matter what they looked like. The creation spirit thought and thought of what new animal to make and finally decided to make an animal that was made from Rantani the duck that would have webbed feet, a bill and could swim underwater and then he added Kalu the mole so the fur would keep it warm but it would not see underwater and could only feel with his bill.

This new animal is called the platypus and it is accepted as an equal by all the animals as just being different looking.

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