By Brooke Sutton
Age – 15 years
Size – 91cm wide X 121cm high
Medium – Acrylic and textured acrylic on canvas

Conkerberry - Yalpungu

My name is Brooke Sutton and I am a contemporary Indigenous artist from the Kalkadoon people from Mount Isa in Queensland. This painting is called “Yalpungu” which means “Conkerberry” in the Kalkadoon language.

The fruit on the conkerberry bush is plentiful and has a slight sweet taste like a grape. It can also be stored and dried and eaten like a sultana. The Kalkadoon people would also scrape the roots and soak this in water and drink the mixture for aches and pains. The wood was also burnt as a mosquito repellent. In my painting the different colours represent the different seasons and colours of the flowers and fruit as they ripen.


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