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By Chern’ee Sutton                  
Age – 23 years            
Size – 61cm wide X 91cm high          
Medium – Acrylic and textured acrylic on canvas

This painting is Called 2020 and represents mother nature, her pain and her fury. We have lived in peace and harmony with mother nature for over 65,000 years, protecting and cherishing her and all the gifts and life that she gives. But for the last 250 years here in Australia we have mistreated and abused her, we have raped and pillaged her, destroyed and poisoned her, taking and taking until there is nothing left. Desecrating sacred sites and building over places of cultural significance in the name of moving Australia forward and lining our pockets. She has tried telling us to change our ways, in the form of rising temperatures and extreme weather, but we won’t listen, now She Won’t be silenced

In my painting mother nature is crying, bringing with her tears the floods and cyclones which ravage the unsuspecting land. The red handprint on her mouth shows how we have ignored and silenced her cries, but she won’t be silenced anymore and the cracks in her skin represent her deterioration. The white footprints represent colonization, when the land was taken from us and the caves represent The Ancient Juukan Gorge caves in Western Australia which were destroyed in 2020. The flames symbolize the bushfires which devastated the land and consumed everything in their path during the Summer of 2020. The leaves of Mother Natures hair symbolize The “Djab Wurrung” Directions Tree, a sacred women’s site in Victoria which was bulldozed to make way for a highway upgrade.

Corona-Virus and other diseases are represented in the top right corner, which has had a detrimental impact on Australia and the world, effecting every person no matter their race or status. The Sun symbolizes the droughts which crack the earth and starve the animals and plants of life and water. The dwindling native bees are a symbol of nature, if they are gone than so is our way of life and the butterflies symbolize the changes that we must make, to do our part to care for, protect and nurture Mother Nature as she has nurtured us for Generations and not let our greed and lust for money, poison and destroy her. 


2020 - She Wont Be Silenced

Mother Nature’s fury does not hesitate,

her wrath and power does not discriminate

Sacred lands being polluted, pillaged, raped and destroyed

Once plentiful and abounding in life, now devoid

In pain and pollution, she cries and wallows,

with each cry for help, destruction follows

If we don’t change our ways, she will bring us to our knees

Through flood and fire, drought, death and disease,

Mother Nature is crying for help and we must hear those cries,

Before our greed makes the world perish, before our very eyes.


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