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Dreamtime Soldier

This painting is called “Dreamtime Soldier” and it is a tribute to the Indigenous people that have served Australia in the military forces.

In my painting the rainbow serpent and the handprints represent the Indigenous Australians connection to the land and to the dreamtime. The warrior stands proud watching and caring for the land he calls home, the footprints and travelling symbols at the bottom represents his journey from the past which was the dreamtime to the future which was fighting for freedom. The kneeling soldier pays his respects to his fallen brothers with the shield, rifle and spear showing the warriors transition from his weapons of the past to the weapons of the future. The dotted circles represent the warriors culture which is slowly being eroded in order to fit in with todays society.

This poem pays tribute to all Indigenous people that served in the military in all wars.

Dreamtime Soldier!

He belongs to the dreamtime, filled with strength and pride

His spirit and culture with the land is forever tied.


He was a proud warrior before Captain Cook

With a connection to land he never mistook


He bravely fights for his country now

Under the guise of the English crown


Once armed with axes, boomerangs and spears 

It is the bayonet and grenades that he now fears.


All he wants is recognition and respect

He returns a hero treated with wilful neglect.


Unable to vote but eligible to die

The haunted memories fill his eyes.


He remembers the sacrifice his brothers made

Fighting for freedom In the black brigade.


We can never repay the blood sealed debt

So remember our black brothers, lest we forget.


Size – 91cm wide X 91cm high

Medium – Acrylic and textured acrylic on canvas.

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