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Thunpulthu kurri-Kurri

This is my interpretation of “Thunpulthu Kurri-Kurri” which means in the Kalkadoon language Red Back Spider.

Long, long ago there was an evil spider that’s spirit could change into any animal she wanted to be and she would trick the other animals into being her friend by being nice and kind to them. Once she had gained their trust and the animals had their backs turned she would turn back into the evil spider trapping them and then eating them. Some spiders were nice and so the animals did not know who to trust as they all looked the same. One day a very clever kangaroo was drinking from a waterhole when he was approached by another kangaroo who wanted to be his friend, he was wary of the friendly kangaroo as he had not seen her before so he pretended to trust her and they then had a long talk together. After a while the clever kangaroo said I am so thirsty after our long talk and need another drink from the waterhole and turned and bent down and pretended to have a drink but while he was doing this he was really looking at the reflection in the water of the kangaroo behind him and saw her beginning to change back into the evil spider. The clever kangaroo quickly turned around and with both feet kicked the evil spider with all his might and the spider went flying through the air and crashed into a red ochre rock wall and the evil spiders spirit was knocked from her body never to return and the spider to this day still has the red markings from the ochre. The evil spider still eats anyone that enters her web but all now know by looking at the red marking on her back that she is evil and Thunpulthu Kurri-Kurri the red back spider.

By Chern’ee Sutton

Age – 15 years.

Size – 120cm wide X 90cm high

Medium – 3D Acrylic and textured acrylic on canvas.

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