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By Chern’ee Sutton        
Age – 25 years
Medium – Acrylic and raised acrylic on canvas
Size – 150cm wide x 160cm high 

Min Min Lights

My name is Chern’ee Sutton and I am a contemporary Indigenous artist from the Kalkadoon people from Mount Isa in Queensland.

The Min Min lights are a naturally occurring phenomenon that have been part of aboriginal folklore for hundreds of years around the Mount Isa, Kalkadoon tribal area.

The lights are described as being different coloured round and disc shaped lights that hover just above the horizon and give the effect of retreating or approaching as the viewer does.

The Kalkadoon people believe that if the lights catch up to you, you will disappear completely without a trace. My Great Great grandmother used to tell my grandmother when she was a little child and wouldn’t go to sleep that if the Min Min lights saw her awake they would come and take her away. Aboriginal stories and belief are very strong and so my grandmother would always then fall soundly asleep.

If you are lucky enough to see them DONT follow them.


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