Dear Chern'ee

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding artwork you recently completed for The Department of Veterans Affairs.

The work, "Diversity and Inclusion", is a significant piece that represents the many different facets of our diversity and we are delighted to be able to use your artwork on tie's, scarves, letterheads and a range of products that will celebrate the 5 diversity groups in the Australian Armed Forces.

The inclusion of the poppies and rosemary representing ANZAC Day, Remembrance Day and our fallen service men and women was a fitting tribute to those who have sacrificed their lives in service to their country.

Thank you for your hard work and for the legacy you have provided for the department.

Liz Cosson AM CSC

Office of the Secretary

Department of Veterans Affairs

Government Corporate Commission

Dear Chern’ee,

Thank you very much for the inspiring, dynamic and vibrant artworks you have produced for us for Amazon Australia’s Reflect RAP.

Your open, professional and communicative style made collaborating an inspiring experience. Your artistic approach was thoughtful, combining bold symbolism with vibrant colour selection to produce final works that we were honoured to be able to feature across our RAP documentation and across Amazon’s Australian businesses.

We would be delighted to collaborate again in the future, and look forward to seeing your future work with other individuals and organisations.

Best regards,

The Amazon RAP team

Reconciliation Action Plan Painting Commission

The Australian Public Service Commission is delighted with the artwork reflecting our Reconciliation journey. Staff are proudly wearing the lanyards that contain elements of the artwork and enthusiastically presenting the artwork to visitors.

It was a pleasure to collaborate with such a talented and professional artist. Chern’ee made herself available to attend the unveiling of the artwork and staff were moved by her reading of the story behind her work. To facilitate the professional and accessible presentation of the painting, Chern’ee produced a QR code containing an audio recording of the story which can accompany the artwork in situ.

Chern’ee’s talent in representing the Commission’s story visually was impressive.

Thank you.

 Dr Alia Imtoual

A/g Director l Diversity & Inclusion Policy l Inclusion & Implementation Group

Convenor Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group

Australian Public Service Commission

Reconciliation Action Plan Painting Commission

Yesterday we unveiled our new reconciliation artwork commissioned by Sport Integrity Australia, created by artist Chern’ee Sutton.

While staff had a sneak peak of the artwork online in PNG format, nobody was prepared for just how intricate and detailed the painting is in real life.

We marvelled at the artist’s ability to blend different techniques, textures and colours in a way that not only looks appealing but gives the piece a three-dimensional appearance.

Listening to the chatter at the unveiling it seems many people agree, the artist has not only found a way to capture who we are as an agency, but through her art, she has managed to bring our journey of reconciliation to life.

 Lisa Logue

Assistant Director

Sport Integrity Australia

Reconciliation Action Plan Painting Commission

Dear Chern’ee,

It is not often I am lost for words but take this as one of those times!

Your interpretation of CHEP‘s history, which began here in Australia in 1949, is stunning. It has absolutely exceeded all our expectations.

Thank you for the careful thought and intricate skill that you brought to this project. Whilst the original may be proudly hanging in our new Rochedale Service Centre, the image is one that we are honoured to use across our business and in doing so, enjoy for many years to come.  

We are delighted to be collaborating again and look forward to seeing more of your work both in Australia and on the international stage.

Thank you.

Lis Mannes

Country General Manager

CHEP Australia

Corporate Commission

The Southport School recently commissioned Chern’ee to create some artwork of our St Alban’s Chapel for the Centenary of our cherished building (1921- 2021). The St Alban’s Chapel stands at TSS in loving memory of the 52 Old Boys that served in World War 1 and never returned.

The School wanted to combine the one hundred year journey of the Chapel and to honour the traditional owners of the land it stands on, The Yugambeh People. After sending some information on the Chapel and having a telephone conversation with Chern’ee to give her some ideas on the different aspects of our Chapel we wanted to depict, the artwork got underway.

We received an email with a photograph of the finished artwork and a full story on what every symbol and image represented well before the due date. On viewing the photograph were just stunned at the amazing, intricate art and the beautiful colours. The story that Chern’ee wrote to accompany the artwork perfectly captured the soul of our Chapel and the journey it has taken in 100 years.

The artwork arrived a week later and when we unwrapped it with excitement, it literally took our breath away. There are no words that do this art piece justice, it is truly a stunning masterpiece.

Thank you so much for listening and understanding exactly what we needed in our artwork, we absolutely love it. Chern’ee you are so amazingly talented and your art will be treasured and hang proudly in our Chapel for all to admire when they enter our sacred place.

Thank you

Deb Turner


The Southport School

Corporate Commission

Brooke has created two pieces of artwork for Nestlé’s Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP). The first piece was developed in 2020 as her winning entry into the Nestlé Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artwork competition. Brooke took the time to thoroughly learn about our business and create a beautiful artwork full of symbolism that our employees truly connected with. This was used for our first Reflect RAP.

Nestlé invited Brooke back in 2022 to create a second artwork for our Innovate RAP. Brooke came to Sydney for the RAP launch in 2023 to unveil and explain her artwork. Her piece ‘Nestlé’s Journey’ is hanging in the Nestlé Head Office foyer in Sydney.

Thank you, Brooke. Your ability to visually express our business so intricately, creatively, and beautifully has brought such vibrancy to Nestlé.

Rashna Shroff

Corporate Programs & Sponsorship Manager


Reconciliation Action Plan Painting Commission


Dear Chern’ee,

I didn't know what to expect but the founders of Secure Code Warrior absolutely loved all the other art work you've been producing. 

The result of visualising Secure Code Warrior's journey, values and ethos is absolutely amazing and has totally exceeded our expectations. This is an artwork that we will all admire in our Sydney office and virtually on all our desktops of the 230 warriors globally. 

Thank you for the fantastic work and the experience of working with your team,

Warm regards,

Pieter Danhieux

CEO, CoFounder,

Secure Code Warrior  


Thank you Chern’ee for creating a vibrant piece of digital artwork for the Connected Beginnings program. The artwork will be utilised by our backbone teams throughout Australia, giving Connected Beginnings unique and meaningful symbols to easily identify the program. You clearly captured what the program represents, with the community at the heart of everything we do to contribute to Closing the Gap. As our program reaches Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families providing support during the early years, the artwork is relatable to community, with bright and eye-popping colours which we love!  We are amazed at how quickly you understood the program, representing it accurately and beautifully. This is just the type of artwork our program needed, and we are so proud to call it ours. Thank you!

Terese Christoff-Smith

Acting Director

Connected Beginnings

Department of Education 

Dear Chern’ee,

Coming into this commission, we had no idea how much of an impact your talent would have on our lives. As a tribute to my Mum and Dad – Christine & Werner: the founders of Spaceframe Buildings - I wanted the artwork to say thank you, to honour their legacy, and be a constant reminder of who we are and what we do so well, whilst also remembering where we came from. After many years of thinking and dreaming about a piece of artwork to illustrate our story as a family business, I am proud to report that the wait was worth it as soon as we found you. Words cannot fully capture how much we love the artwork. We are truly speechless. The 3 canvases now hang proudly in our Head Office for everyone to admire. Your innovative ability to not only paint beautifully for the naked eye, but also incorporating the enchantment of the 3D glasses is truly spectacular. The double exposure truly adds to the magic of the work. Chern’ee – you are a remarkable young woman and will forever be a member of the Spaceframe family.

 Thank you.

Much love, Werner, Jane, Lisel & Peter Raspotnik And the entire Spaceframe Buildings family

Corporate Commission

Dear Chern’ee,

I had the absolute joy of unboxing the incredible art work you have created for OPC. I was already blown away by the picture you had sent me but to see it in person was all the more special. The 3D view is as amazing as it is exciting, this has sparked much joy and conversation already.

Thank you for putting me in touch with the Ngunnawal elder, being able to represent the Ngunnawal people and the land that we work on means a great deal to the office.

The way you have captured our story has really put the finishing touch on our 50th anniversary celebrations. 

Thank you again, what a talent you have.

Wendy Holroyd - Senior Human Resources Officer

Office of Parliamentary Counsel

Government Corporate Commission

 Dear Chern'ee

Our wonderful artwork has arrived and we are thrilled with the amazing representation of our School’s story. In our 160th year, we were looking for a way of telling our story using symbol and colour and your attention to detail and engagement with our history, has resulted in a piece of art which authentically represents the journey we have been on.

 In addition to our 16 decade story, you have captured the essence of what our community values – our link to Mercy and the concept of the Sisterhood. The painting is called “The Sisterhood” and it depicts the connection of our community in the past and the present in a very tangible way.

Thank you

Claire Easton

Director of Mission

All Hallows’ School

Corporate Commission

It’s been our absolute pleasure working with Chernee, to understand how we can bring the nursing and Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Non-Indigenous cultures together; and bring hope and healing to those who nurses support.

Chernee has designed a beautiful painting which brings the natural beauty of Australia, and the healing journey of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Non-Indigenous cultures together. Her painting is beyond our expectations.

We plan on designing Nurse Scrubs worn proudly by nurses, and we hope this brings a meaningfully conversation to those who they help and heal.

We thank you very much.

Georgina Terepai

General Manager


Corporate Commission

Our deepest thanks to Brooke for the utterly and breathtakingly stunning artwork she produced for our company. The ease at which Brooke was able to interpret our brief yet give the artwork her signature artistic flair and own unique view was more than we could’ve asked for.

The piece is a tangible symbol of our journey and we thank Brooke for helping us on our way.

Nadia Cusano

HR Projects

ZEN Energy

Hi Chern'ee

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! This project has made a huge difference in people's lives already.

The kids and staff love it! It is creating positive waves in the community with talk of more art projects to celebrate local culture every NAIDOC week. 

Chern'ee, I hold you in the highest regard and love your art. You are an amazing woman and role model to both first nations people everywhere and everyone else as well!

 Jackson Pollock move over!!

 Thanks again for all your help but especially for your faith in an idea.

Richard Charles


Richard Charles Construction


O my god this is so special it makes me extremely emotional but is something so special that we will cherish it for ever.

It is so beautiful and the story is perfect.

You have such a wonderful talent and something you should be very proud of we are so thankful for you doing this for us and I’m sure once my wife knows she will reach out also, I plan to give this to her for a very special gift

Once again thank you so much

Michael Buckley  
M + J Builders
Private Family Story Commission

Dear Chern'ee,

What can we say? We were truly blown away by your Min Min Lights! The layers, colours, 3d effects, paint and the whole visual piece is just stunning. You are very talented and we are honored to have one of your creations hanging in our home. I am sure you have inspired a lot of young local artists and we can see why. Somehow you have managed to blend traditions and technology with an outstanding result that will have a central place in our home forever.

Thanks again and keep up the awesome work ...

-richard & yellin, Sydney

Private Commission

"Hi Chernee

 It’s exceeded our expectations. We love how it resembles the one we fell in love with. We can’t thank you enough for what you have given us in this wonderful artwork. Also from the bottom of my heart thank you for putting that star in to remind me of my dear friend. It’s such a thoughtful gesture. We will treasure this for the rest of Of lives and we can’t wait to have it hanging up in our living room."

Russell Barker

Private Commission 

Chern'ee is the warmth and guiding light in our Indigenous Flag and a Star on our Australian Flag - Such an infinitus affinity with colour, balance and story with collaborative intent. Chern'ee's true heart visions captured on canvas and story is just amazing. She is definitely at one with art, nature, life, love, land, spirit, sanctity with collaborative purpose and understanding. Just an Amazing Australian, Artist & Transformational Leader. 

Mark Lawson


We commissioned a painting by Chern’ee recently and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an inspirational, personalised piece of art for their home. Chern’ee’s unique style is exquisite and the painting she produced for us is now the centerpiece of our home. Chern’ee was great to work with too - helpful, professional, and prompt to reply to questions we had. Thank you Chern’ee for capturing our story on canvas so beautifully!

Shane Mortensen

Private Commission

"WE LOVE IT" - So glad you were able to join us for the unveling to share the intricate details of the artworks story. That moment everyone went 'WOOOOAH" as it was unveiled, is one I will remember. Well done Chern'ee I look forward to seeing your work grow internationally :)

Diversity Officer

Department of Veterans Affairs

Government Corporate Commission 

The house was quiet with anticipation. A delivery had arrived. Slowly, carefully and deliberately an amazing bird emerged in its vibrant splendor. Vivid in the inky sky against the pearlescent glow of the moon welcoming meteors shooting across the night sky signifying something special. The bird, the moon, the night, the absolute artistry.

Blessed am I.
But all the more special is the heart of the artist. Thank you so much for the extra package for my birthday. Wow! It’s amazing. Have put it on my desk. It reminds me of why I go to work each day. To give rural and remote Queenslanders, especially First Nations people a better health journey. I now have a beautiful reminder of that goal and the time I spend on Kalkadoon country.
Thank you.
My first piece of First Nations artwork and it is better than I could have ever imagined.

Helen Louise


"Chern’ee is a talented artist who is willing to share her inspiration, ideas and skills with the wider community. I had the privilege of working with Chern’ee on an artist-in-residence project at my school and she was a wonderful role model and mentor for the teenagers she worked with. She was patient and generous in teaching the students skills in painting and visual communication using Aboriginal ways of storytelling through art. Chern’ee is making a huge impact nationally with her arts & entrepreneurial initiatives and is championing indigenous leadership, cultural awareness and business. She is an exceptional human being – humble, generous and full of heart."

Kalindi Brennan

Educator Silkwood State School


Hi Chern’ee

WOW, WOW, WOW - My husband and I are thrilled with the final artwork and the story of the paining made me cry. Such a beautiful portrayal of our commissioned artwork.  You are such an amazing artist and we look forward to having this awesome artwork hang in our home.

Sharon Househam

Private Commission



Thanks very much for the brilliant art piece. It’s exactly what we were hoping for and we’re displaying it proudly in our new office. Your were so easy to work with and accommodating with our requests. The artwork is a great representation of Enscope and our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Engagement Strategy. We could not recommend you and your artwork highly enough.

Graeme Begbie

HSE Manager


Reconciliation Action Plan Artwork

Asking Brooke to create an artwork that reflects our family and place has been one of the best things I have ever done. She has captured our family's story in the most beautiful way with the most beautiful colours. It will certainly be a family heirloom that hangs in the centre of our home. Thank you Brooke - I am so grateful. 

Ann Dwyer


Private Family Commission

"To say the painting is beautiful is an understatement. We opened it in the office yesterday. Everyone was absolutely amazed with how it looked. Much love Chern'ee"

Justine Mullins

Gidgee Healing

Corporate Commission 

"Chern'ee I am speechless. I opened the painting and burst into tears and read the story and cried even more. I love it more than I could ever say. I am so happy. Thank you Chern'ee from the bottom of my heart."

Vivienne Bull

Family Relationship Centre

Corporate Commission 

Wow Chernee ……it is stunning.

I will share with the RAP team and I’m sure they will be as equally impressed.

Many thanks again for your exquisite work for our organisation.

Lorraine Kennedy

Director, Human Resources

Northrop Grumman Australia

Reconciliation Action Plan Painting Commission

"They have just arrived and are Beautiful, just what I wanted... You are a talent for sure.. I am very happy with the finished paintings .. Thank you .."

Peter Nash

Private Commissions

Hi Brooke

I hope you are going well.
I just thought I’d send you a message to say that your artwork arrived safely at Charlie and my home today.
Wow! Just wow! It is absolutely incredible! We spent ages just staring at it in complete awe. You are an incredibly gifted young woman.
The piece has assumed pride of place in the entry area of our home to be enjoyed daily by not only us, but our guests too (when we’re able to have friends/family over again after all this covid-19 business is over).

We will be telling everybody about your and Chernee’s work!
Thank you again so much for sharing your talent with the world.

Tammy & Charlie Tomlinson


Private Family Commission

Chern'ee Sutton thank you so much for coming to visit us! The kids are still glowing about meeting you and all the wonderful things they learnt about you! Their parents and the other teachers at school have come in to see the amazing artwork you did for the kids too! We are going to add color to it tomorrow! You are definitely the hero to 20 little people now.

Taneal Proctor

Teacher Turner State School 







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