Privacy policy

Privacy Statement is committed and dedicated to your privacy.  We collect personal information for the purpose of establishing and maintaining records for client liaison. The information we collect is primarily for the purpose of contacting you, we consider your privacy a top priority and therefore we maintain and continuously improve our systems and practices to ensure your information is always secure and only accessible by 

Privacy Policy

We collect such personal information as name, phone numbers, physical and/or email addresses and dates of engagement between you and  When it is provided for the purpose of payment for services of any kind, some financial information is retained for processing the payment and as a record or receipt of payments made, such as would be found on our bank statements and computer systems.  Financial information is not stored anywhere else and is not collected for any other reason. 

This information is used:

    • To enable us to maintain client contact details.
    • To enable a copy of the newsletter to be mailed to you monthly, via email if you have registered and opted-in for this service through our website.
    • To maintain records related to your online experience in the form of client feedback including compliments, complaints and survey responses. We use our secure system to also track activity on managing any complaints or queries from our clients.
    • There may also be occasion for us to mail, email or phone you regarding individual inquiries, requests, or other relevant communication.
    • Occasionally, we may use the contact details to email special announcements related to the services of
    • Any other reasonable activity related to the primary purpose of collection as stated above.

Who your information is shared with

All personal information we collect remains entirely within the secure system. Your information is not shared with any other individual, institution or organisation, nationally or internationally, at any time without your expressed written permission, other than where permitted or required by law. 

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