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By Jesse Sutton 
Age – 17 years
Size – 25cm x 152cm
Medium – Acrylic and raised acrylic on canvas

Mountains - Ntia Purrku

This painting is called “Ntia Purrku” in the Kalkadoon language which means “Mountains” and this painting represents the many mountains in Kalkatungu country that are home to my people.

The Kalkadoon people have ruled their country around the Mount Isa area which was known to them as the emu foot province for at least the last 60,000 years and have been connected to their lands through their dreaming stories, songs and art.

The Kalkadoon people would mark their territory boundaries with an emu or cranes foot that was either painted onto rocks and trees or carved into the hard granite rock, this was also a warning for other aboriginal clans not to pass these boundaries.

The Kalkadoon people were extremely tall and muscular which was a result from the mountainous country and valleys they walked and climbed and also the diet they had. They were one of the healthiest aboriginal clans which was attributed to their diet of wild game, fruits, vegetables and fish. There was an abundance of grass seeds, edible roots, vegetables, vines, caper, pea’s and berries and also mineralised water from the rivers and streams.

This painting is my interpretation of Kalkadoon Country with the undulating mountains and valleys that are home to my people.


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