Kalkadoon Art

The Kalkadoon people were not only known as fierce warriors they were also known to neighboring clans  as being very artistic in their songs, dances, dreamtime stories, rock art and corroborees.  In some corroborees men, women and children all participated and in others only a small few participated due to the sacred nature of the dance. Not all corroborees were sacred and members of the dance would paint themselves in signs and designs to indicate the dance that was being performed.  Songs and dances performed during these ceremonies passed on information about the dreamtime to all that watched.
In some corroborees they would wear several large emu feathers on the top of their heads which increased their already tall broad 6 foot stature and be covered in white paint. They would have a dingo tail glued to the back of their hair with dried kangaroo blood and their faces were covered in white feathers again stuck on with dried kangaroo blood so only their eyes were visible.  The male dancers looked like a most formidable sight to anybody watching.
Australian Aboriginal art is the oldest living art tradition in the world and Kalkadoon rock art has been studied around the world and known for its artistic qualities. The Kalkadoon artists were one of only a few aboriginal races that used dots in their rock art as well as lines and symbols. Kalkadoon rock art has stood the test of time with some rock art sites in Kalkadoon country being carbon dated at over 17,500 years old and the petroglyph site below carbon dated at over 40,000 years old.
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