Kalkadoon Food

The Kalkadoons were extremely tall and muscular which was a result from the mountainous country they walked and climbed and also the diet they had. They were one of the healthiest aboriginal clans which was attributed to their diet of wild game, fruits, vegetables and fish. There was an abundance of grass seeds, edible roots, vegetables, vines, caper, pea’s and berries and also mineralised water from the rivers and streams. They would eat fruits such as the conker berry, bloodwood apple, wild orange, wild-currant and emu apple and also sucked the blossoms of the blood-wood and Bauhinia tree’s for their sugar and honey. Certain types of ant’s, caterpillar’s, grubs and crayfish were a delicacy and a wide variety of meat was obtained from kangaroo, bustard turkey, opossums, porcupines, pelicans, bandicoots, diver birds, galahs, cockatoo’s, cranes, ducks, pigeons, budgerigars, frogs, lizards, snakes and eggs from birds.
The Kalkadoon diet had one basic deficiency it was not suitable to a child when it had been weaned off its mother’s milk which is why most children were not fully weaned until 5 or 6 years of age.
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