All One Country - Ajarku Muruu Hand Painted Thick Silk Tie Aqua.


By Brooke Sutton
Medium - 100% Pure Thick Silk Tie
Size - 152cm long x 10cm wide

All One Country - Ajarku Muruu

This is a 100% silk hand painted and hand made tie by Brooke Sutton which comes beautifully gift boxed with instructions and story.

This tie is my interpretation of the History Of Australia - Ajarku Muruu which means in the Kalkadoon language “All One Country”.

Each of the 5 large circles represent approximately 14,000 years of life in Australia which is a total of nearly 70,000 years.

From the bottom of the tie the first circle represents the begining of human life in Australia. The current estimate for the arrival of the first Australians is 68,000 years ago.

The second circle represents the land that had to be adapted to. A cave used as a shelter with deposits of red ochre and stone tools is estimated at 54,000 years old.

The third circle represents the begining of art. Rock engravings found are estimated at being 40,000 years old.

The fourth circle represents the begining of a country. Over 20,000 years ago all of Australia is inhabited including 10% of Tasmania. The other 90% of Tasmania is still covered by ice and snow from the last ice-age.

The fifth circle represents the beginning of a nation. Present day Australia is formed with all Australians working towards a brighter future for our country and everyone that lives in it.

The Southern Cross at the top represents a common unity of two worlds combined, and the small dots represent the spirit trails that link all Australians together through acceptance and understanding of each other.

The three red stars represent Ajarku Muruu - “All One Country”.

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