Sun and Moon Dreaming - Pintjamu Tuntal Ritjinguthinha


By Jesse Sutton                  
Age – 17 years            
Size – 2 panels @ 40cm wide X 50cm high each panel.          
Medium – Acrylic and textured acrylic on canvas
Floating Frame - Painting comes with the floating frame and free postage Australia wide

Sun and Moon Dreaming - Pintjamu Tuntal Ritjinguthinha

My name is Jesse Sutton and I am a contemporary Indigenous artist from the Kalkadoon people from the Mount Isa area in Queensland. This is my interpretation of “Pintjamu Tuntal Ritjinguthinha” which means in the Kalkadoon language “Sun and Moon Dreaming”.

This set of 2 paintings celebrates the balance, harmony and life giving powers of the sun and moon. Pintjamu the sun woman starts her journey from East to West every morning and descends on the horizon every afternoon.

Pintjamu and her far-reaching rays is the giver of life to all living things on earth, from the animals and humans to the plants and forests to the rivers and streams.

Tuntal the moon spirit rises every evening releasing his moonshine and giving life and sight to the nocturnal creatures of the night who need his dark soothing powers to survive.

Pintjamu and Tuntal's power give life to us all.

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